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Doctor of the Future by Dr. Daniel Yachter

"Doctor of the Future"

Learn the Secret Strategies That Will Allow You
To  Reclaim Your Health and Vitality
By Dr. Daniel Yachter

Doctor of the Future offers a new direction for people longing to return to vibrant health and a lifestyle of happiness and fulfillment.


Dr. Yachter, a chiropractor with a passion for healing, who has a family practice near Orlando, Fla., offers a vision of hope and the chance at achieving God-given potential. 

Dr. Dan delivers true family “health care” rather than the “sick care” on which the medical establishment and pharmaceutical treatment has long been based. Through traditional chiropractic care, combined with a wide range of nutritional  and lifestyle advice, Dr. Yachter shares his methods for restoring not only physical vitality and longevity, but also mental stamina and freedom from the ravages of stress.


Doctor of  the Future offers patients and their families a second chance to live well. Doctor of the Future is a template of how you and your family can transform the future of American health care. It shows you what you need to know today to take better care of you and your family’s health tomorrow. It also illustrates how to use the body’s own power of self-healing to  produce greater health and vitality.

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