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Functional Nutrition
& Testing in Lake Mary, Florida

Functional Nutrition in Lake Mary, Florida 

Chiropractor in Lake Mary, Florida

Modern society is seeing a substantial increase in the frequency of chronic, complex diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and mental illness. The conventional medical system, which is practiced by most of today’s doctors, is focused on acute care, or the assessment and treatment of short-duration illness or trauma. The acute care focus of conventional medicine lacks the tools to treat and prevent chronic, complex conditions. In most instances, conventional treatments do not consider each person’s genetic makeup or factors like exposure to environmental toxins.

With our functional medicine approach, we consider aspects of the modern lifestyle that directly affect your chances of contracting a chronic disease.

Our Functional Medicine programs’ focus is on you, our patient. We promote health as something to strive for beyond simply being free of disease. We will begin with a consultation to discuss your medical history and concerns. By listening to you and learning your story, we try to bring you further into the process and customize treatments to address each of your individual needs. We typically recommend diagnostic lab-work, with panels such as DNA/genetic markers, Thyroid, Men’s and Women’s health, Sleep and Stress, or Food and Environmental panels, so that we can begin to discover the root of your concerns.

Chiropractor in Lake Mary, Florida

Each patient’s unique genetic composition is carefully considered, along with internal -spirit, body, and mind- and external -social and physical- factors that affect their total function. Here, we focus on prevention by creating a plan of care specifically for you which includes exercise, diet and nutrition, and vitamins and supplements. 

Chiropractic Clinic

You’re probably wondering if you would benefit from this program and the answer is yes! Anyone who has received conventional medical treatment with no results, or who is taking medications that have limited benefits and serious side effects, can take advantage of the Functional Wellness approach. Specifically, Patients with diseases and conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, Autoimmune diseases, Thyroid or Hormonal imbalances, Psychiatric and neurological conditions, or Digestive issues would benefit from this program! 

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Our clinic wants everyone from our community to experience the difference that comprehensive chiropractic care can make.  If you’re curious about chiropractic care or would like to learn about our other services, call us today!

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